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Chapman asks EC members to examine health of convention  
Chapman says, "Cooperation among Southern Baptists is crucial if the Convention is to grow spiritually. The key ingredients of cooperation are 'truth, trust and being trustworthy.'" Read More...

The Pastor's Call to Leadership  
For many years “pastoral authority” has been a topic much discussed in seminaries, churches, and among pastors. In 1983 I was invited to write an article for Shophar, a publication of Criswell College for Biblical Studies, Dallas, TX. I wrote an article entitled “The Pastor’s Call to Leadership.” I think my comments are still applicable today and I post the article as a blog with the prayer that, after all these years, some will find it encouraging and helpful.  Read More...

Do Not Forget!  
As much as we try to live for Jesus and give Him thanks for the life and opportunities he has given us, self and satan always try to trip us up in the race of life. If we are not careful jealousies emerge, self-driven ambitions accelerate, pride creeps in, and then, wham, reality sinks in. We have become less than that which we intended to be for Jesus' sake. Thanksgiving is a time we can reflect upon God's goodness and refocus upon Him who has given us every blessing, large and small.  Read More...

A New Investment Opportunity for SBC Entities?  
One of the major decisions for the administration and trustees of SBC entities is the placement of the entity's reserve funds with a firm that manages institutional investments.  Read More...

Restructuring Past. Was it enough?  
Periodically I am asked if the changes recommended in 1995 by the Program and Structure Study Committee(PSSC)succeeded in maximizing every single dollar Southern Baptists are investing in God's Kingdom through the Cooperative Program. While great progress has been made due to the changes, subsequent decisions made by some of the entities have only partially taken advantage of the window of opportunity. The next question is usually, "What other program and structural changes should be made for the SBC to have unified national and international objectives?" That's a good question. Hopefully, this post will encourage you to dig deep for your own answers to the question.  Read More...

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