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The Heart Of The Matter  
In the Bible, the heart represents more than an organ in the body, it is a description of the whole of man. In the Holy Scripture, the heart is often used to refer to the intellectual, emotional, and volitional capacities that God uses to communicate fully with us; and these are described in reference to the center of man's being. Clearly, we can understand God intends that in our very essence we communicate completely and transparently whole-heartedly with Him. Empowering Kingdom Growth seeks to catalyze a movement among Southern Baptists that makes God the priority in our thoughts, our feelings, our desires, and our efforts giving God rule and reign in our hearts. Read More...

Chapman urges Southern Baptists to re-dig wells that refreshed previous generations  
Referencing Genesis 26:18 and Isaac's endeavor to dig again the wells dug in the desert in the days of his father, Abraham, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Morris H. Chapman challenged Southern Baptists to return to their heritage and rediscover what refreshed the generations before them. Read More...

Nurturing a Passion for the King and His Kingdom  
Technology has improved considerably the mechanisms of navigation. Yet, these advances in instrumentation have not changed the basic practices of navigation that guided ancient explorers and modern trailblazers alike. Then and now, successful piloting has resulted largely from setting a true reference to start the journey and measuring progress along the way. Even with satellite navigation, a grid reference must be synchronized with known points on the earth in order to ensure that plotting information is trustworthy. Read More...

Celebrating Ten Years Of Leadership At The SBC Executive Committee  
On October 1, 1992, the SBC Executive Committee inaugurated a new president and chief executive officer who would not only lead them into the next century, but would have a profound impact upon the denominational structure and spiritual focus of the Southern Baptist Convention. Read More...

Pause, Reflect But Do Not Linger  
A milestone is often the reason for pause in our pilgrimage of life and career and is both beneficial and refreshing. To pause and reflect is always a healthy exercise. It should be done in the presence of the Lord for His Word says, In thy presence is the fullness of joy (Ps. 16:11). Ten years ago by the invitation of this body and the call of God, I was inaugurated as president of the Executive Committee. Thanks to you, other Southern Baptist leaders, and God's grace, these have been ten of the best years I have ever experienced. The work is both challenging and rewarding. What helps make it so are the thousands who have gone before us. Read More...

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