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Clarification of Intent  
In my 2009 report to the Southern Baptist Convention, I made the following comment: “The Southern Baptist Convention is experiencing a resurgence in the belief that divine sovereignty alone is at work in salvation without a faith response on the part of man.  Some are given to explain away the ‘whosoever will’ of John 3:16.  How can a Christian come to such a place when Ephesians says, ‘For by grace are you saved through faith’ (Eph. 2:8)?” Read More...

2009 SBC Executive Committee Presidential Report  
The Southern Baptist Convention and the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ have never been strangers to one another, and so long as the convention and her agencies and institutions stay anchored upon the inerrant Word of God and focused on the unconquerable Cross of Christ, she will stand against every wind of doctrine that blows across the great theological divide, against every ecclesiastic fad that promises innovation at the expense of confessional fidelity, against every subtle temptation toward uncooperative narrowness and unorthodox ecumenism. Read More...

This One Thing I Do  
On Monday, April 27, I received an email and was surprised by the attachment entitled, the Great Commission Resurgence Declaration (Declaration). As I began reading through the ten articles of the Declaration, I rejoiced in the strong affirmations of our Convention’s biblical convictions. These articles listed many of the tenets of the faith that are critical to believe and live if ever we expect to fulfill Christ’s commission to us in Matthew 28:19-20 and see revival come to our churches. The email asked Southern Baptists to sign a webpage created to show their commitment to the Declaration. Some of those who knew about it prior to its posting had signed already. Read More...

A case for Christian elementary and secondary schools  
I am truly amazed at the excellence of many of our Christian colleges and universities. I serve as a trustee of Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and we have remarkable students from around the world and a first-class faculty to train them. Several times throughout the year we send out graduates who will elevate the professionalism in their respective fields but also who will transform the world with the message of the Gospel. Read More...

The Open Door to Kingdom Harvest  
Our nation has been brought to its knees financially. Now the question is, “How shall we respond?” What, if anything, will we do differently? Read More...

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