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The Vision of Impossibilities  
No one could be more blessed. No one could have been more surprised to travel the journey which I have traveled these last 20 years, and I am grateful to God and grateful to you. I love Southern Baptists. I have been a Southern Baptist all my life, even though I waited until 7 to be saved, and I love you and I love Southern Baptists. Read More...

'A Better Way Ahead' - alternate recommendations released by EC's Chapman  
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--A list of alternate recommendations to those of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force have been released by Morris H. Chapman, president of the SBC Executive Committee. Read More...

Open Letter to Southern Baptists about the GCRTF Recommendations  
An open letter to Southern Baptists has been released by Morris H. Chapman, president of the SBC Executive Committee, regarding issues to be decided at the convention's June 15-16 annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. Read More...

PERSPECTIVE (Morris H. Chapman): The Great Commission Task Force Final Report: An Analysis and Thoughtful Questions  
To my knowledge, the release of the Final Report of the Great Commission Task Force is a first. There has been no previous committee of the Southern Baptist Convention that has brought a report to Convention that has so challenged the fragile nature of the cooperative relationships that make up the fabric of the Convention as this Report. I have continued to analyze it for what it actually says. In my years of service to Southern Baptists, I have not seen anything framed more appealingly that has such potential to damage our cooperative work than this document. Read More...

PERSPECTIVE: The downside of the GCTF recommendations -- would likely harm the SBC and its Executive Committee  
The Great Commission Task Force (GCTF) has recommended gutting the SBC Executive Committee (EC) by taking away $2 million of its budget! This amount is 30 percent of the receipts allocated by the Southern Baptist Convention to the EC through the Cooperative Program (CP) Allocation Budget. The GCTF chose to use a term that appears in the SBC CP Allocation Budget, namely "Facilitating Ministries." Lest anyone be confused, let me clarify that this is a reference to the SBC Operating Budget and the Executive Committee budget, a fact that the GCTF does not clarify in its Final Report. Whatever you call it, this budget is administered by the Executive Committee and this drastic cut of $2 million will force the EC to slash ministries that have been very successful. Read More...


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